Picture and Video Gallery

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RNB at Lakefair 2002

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RNB at the 4th of July

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RNB at the Pet Parade

RNB’s Birthday party in 1997

Lakefair 1998


Jusby, Angel Ocasio, Flowers, Stormy, Marci, Buzzy, Little Buzzy, Nita and two grandkids

2009 National Clown Week



Jusby, Professor Buzzy, Bug, Mike, Sprout, & Stormy

2009 Tumwater 4th of July Parade (with Caveman Mike)



Professor Buzzy, Stormy, Marci, Jusby, Bubble~Trouble, Sage (Visiting), & Honey

2009 Alley Meeting with parade hats



(Back Row) Marci, Sprout, Nita, Stormy, Professor Buzzy, (Front Row) Bubble~Trouble, Bug, Maureen (Visiting), & Rainshine

2009 Alley Meeting with issue of New Calliope



(Back Row) Stormy, Professor Buzzy, Bubble~Trouble, Jusby, Sprout (Front Row) Beansprout, Orion & Isaiah (Visiting)

2008 Lacey Spring Fun Fair



(Back Row) Bug, Bubble~Trouble, Jusby (Front Row) Beansprout, Sprout

2007 Lacey Spring Fun Fair


Lacey Spring Fun fair

2006 Lacey Spring Fun Fair, Sprout and Beansprout

July 4th

Marci Sunshine, Sprout, Beansprout, Professor Buzzy & Little Buzzy

Grand Marshals for the Tumwater 2006 Independence Day Parade



Professor Buzzy, Jusby, Bedelia, Spikey Lou, & Mikah (Stormy)

Lakefair 2006


Red Nose Brigade


2 responses to “Picture and Video Gallery

  1. Would you be interested in clowning around at the Kiddie Parade during Mason County Forest Festival on Sat June 2, 10 a.m. in Shelton, WA? My civic group, Mason County Optimists, sponsor the parade. The kids would love it! We are an all kids parade right before the grand parade. Please call me 426-9852. Thank You!

  2. … continue sharing the word.

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