We are honored to be the recipients of a myriad of awards (including, but not limited to):


Community Support Award, Oakville “Our Founding Fathers” Parade, 2006

Grand Marshals, Tumwater Independence Day Parade, 2006


Best Clown in Town, Capital Lakefair Grand Parade, 2005

Grand Sweepstakes Comic, Tumwater Independence Day Parade, 2000

Lakefair Award, Capital Lakefair Grand Parade, 1995


Red Cross Appreciation “Too Grand”, 2000

Red Nose Brigade


2 responses to “Awards

  1. Hi – A couple of things… You ask for donations for clown scholarships but don’t tell me where to send one! There is no place that tells me how to contact the group, except this one which I found by mistake! I have a couple of years worth of Red Nose News that I would be happy to scan for you to put on the website. I also have the first 10 months on a disk, and even though they are 16 years old, I can still open them in Word! The formatting is a little off but if you need them I have them. Let me know!

    Confetti the Clown

  2. Gayle Lindeblom

    Hey,Confetti! Glad to hear from you! would LOVE the old alley stuff. Send them to me. Would love to get back into co9ntact with you! Boys MUST be getting big by now!!!!!! TWEENS? Stormy

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