Stormy the Clown


Stormy the Clown

Stormy’s Goals:


  • Bring happiness where there is sadness.
  • Wipe away the tear of one who is crying.
  • Laugh with one who is joyful.
  • Bring comfort to the aged.
  • Present the Gospel through the use of mime, skits, illusions, and object lessons. (Christian emphasis upon request)

Favorite functions

Birthday parties, Grand Openings, Corporate Picnics, Nursing Home Visits, Church Functions, School Classroom Visits, Seasonal Parties, and Parades!

Stormy the Clown’s Qualifications


  • University of Wisconsin Clown Camp for two summers
  • Trained under Jackie Leclaire and Frosty Little (Clown Hall of Fame) and Roly Bain (Internationally known Christian Clown)
  • Charter member of the Red Nose Brigade
  • Member of Clowns of America International
  • Attends workshops and training sessions to enhance skills
  • Performed for governor, State of Washington
  • Participates in numerous parades throughout western Washington
  • Paradability award winner, NW Festival of Clowns, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2005, & 2009
  • Tied for 2nd Place in Single Balloon competition, NW Festival of Clowns, 2009
  • Group Skit award winner, NW Festival of Clowns, 2009

Washington State Patrol background checked for your security.

Reasonable Rates, Tailored Programs, Dependable

Contact Stormy by phone (360) 456- 5526 or 491- 3590


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“Micah” (Gayle’s other clown)