Jim “Rainshine” Hancock

Jim has been clowning since 1990. He took the Clown 101 class at Clover Park Technical Vocational Institute in order to help with a summer activity program for the deaf and hearing impaired children in the Tacoma area.

His first gig was a picnic for deaf children. As he and his partner were setting up props and tables she signed something to him. One of the deaf girls got really excited. She tapped one of her friends on the shoulder and signed, “Clown can sign! Clown can sign!” This melted his heart and he was hooked on clowning.

While looking for material for his first costume, he found some “Rainbow” striped material. He bought it and his wife sewed his first“Rainbow” jacket. He has always enjoyed seeing rainbows after rainy weather while the sun shines. Rainbow was a white-faced clown, and when Jim realized that he need to wear glasses instead of contacts while clowning he had to re-invent himself as the auguste clown Rainshine.