Marci Sunshine


Marcia “Marci Sunshine” Killam-Nunn

Marcia moved to Washington from Sacramento, California in October 1993. She did not know anyone, other than her husband, nor have a job. It was the start of the rainy season and she was not very happy to be here. In January she started clowning. “Marci Sunshine” hated rain and was always happy when it was a sunny day. She sometimes carries a magic wand to wave the rainy days away.

Marcia took a ten week course on clowning taught by Confetti (Ann Stack) in January 1994. She graduated and joined the Red Nose Brigade.

Marci Sunshine‘s mother is Mrs. Rosey and her dad is Mr. Sunflower. Big and Strong. She likes to be a cute clown, not scary. She has two sisters, Ms. Pansy and Ms. Marcella. Marcella sometimes comes with her on her clown adventures. She likes to dress like Marci and work with children.

Marci is a caring clown at both Capital Medical Center and St. Peter’s Hospital.

Marcia Killam-Nunn is a Master Gardener, Wife, Mother and Grandmother.