Meeting 1.28.08

minutes 1.28.08
present: noodles, jusby, stormy, buzzy, sprout, bug, marci, rainshine, and bubble~trouble… WOW! maximum attendance.

news of decision to meet every other month given to noodles.  noodles replied: St. Francis house residents want the room back for game night!
Upcoming meetings to be held at member’s houses.  Box of plates and napkins to go to Marci’s for mtg on March 24th.  (Sprout can’t attend)  Lisa Smith of E4E to be invited.

Sprout will host May 26 (Movie Night – plan paradability ideas for 8)
Marci’s on June 23 (Work party in shop – No Rainshine)
Stormy’s on Sept 22 (Bring a friend)
Sprout on Nov 24th

Stormy petitioned that Bubble~Trouble be admitted as full clown, having passed her First of May time.  It was unanimously approved.

Jusby to put ‘For Hire’ (or similar tab) on RNB website for clowns seeking paid gigs: Stormy, Buzzy, Sprout, & Jusby.

Coin Klinker’s report
$489.24 in checking
$399.11 in savings (Scholarship fund)

Before dues collected.  Stormy, Buzzy & Marci paid.

Bubble~Trouble gave update on A Really Big Shoe
Sat Feb 16th from 6:45 – 9:30: Stormy, Sprout, Bug, Rainshine & Bubble~Trouble
Sun Feb 1th from 1:30 – 4:30: Marci, Jusby, & Bubble~Trouble

will collect donations for CYS

Jusby abdicated Pencil Pusher/ Newsletter position but I will maintain the website and archives.  Kimmi and Venessa will share pencil pusher duties.

Mixx 96 Egg Dash, Sat March 22

Relay 4 Life, Fri June 27th – Sat June 28th RNB will join as a team, Rainshine will gather info for application, Buzzy will donate $100, Sprout will donate $25, RNB will purchase red noses to sell at $1/ea

Tumwater 4th of July on Friday
Oakville parade on Saturday the 5th

RNB to celebrate Nat’l Clown week, possibly at Th. Co. Fair in gazebo

Guest educators to be given up to $50 honorarium, higher fees to be approved via e-mail (phone) M/S/C
To include Lisa Smith and Barbara Young, the lady who can give a mask workshop.  Her business is Storyvoice International.

Changing official RNB address to Marci’s house 7820 Holiday Valley dr NW, Olympia, WA 98502 and discontinuing PO BOX for a $70/yr savings.

Long history of the converted boat trailer on Buzzy’s property, RNB to sell (will offer to Big Foot Alley first, then Craigslist or other venue). M/S/C for a $40/yr savings in license tabs.

and there was much rejoicing


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