E-newsletter June 06

E-Newsletter June ’06


Red Nose Brigade E-Newsletter

P.O. Box 3031 � Lacey WA 98509-3031

Meeting Date: Monday, June 26, 2006

Place: St. Francis House-3415 12th Ave NE Olympia � Noodles� Rec room. (Driving Directions sent upon request)

Time: 6:45pm for social time and 7:00pm meeting

Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and …………………..you have to blow your nose.

Minutes of May 22, RNB meeting.

M/S/C to put $100.00 from checking acct. to scholarship fund.

R/N/B has 11 paid members. Clowns become official members after coming before the alley in clown for a critique on makeup and costume. This process is one of learning and maturing the clown�s outward appearance.

Prof Buzzy reported his truck is ready to pull the clown trailer.

A sample Parade Announcement was offered to the alley for review and/or revision.

Prof Buzzy has worked on the Bylaws with reference to making some amendments to our bylaws. Some discussion was offered, and several took copies of the proposed changes and/or suggested changes. No action was taken, but was tabled to a later meeting.

M/S/C to pay Sue Charles $60 for the work she did on producing film footage from a recent RNB event with reference to a promotional DVD for the alley.

M/S/C to include Yelm Prairie Days, Thursday, June 22, 6:00 � 7:00 pm on our list of sanctioned events.

M/S/C that the Membership Chair write a letter to former members inviting them to attend the alley as a supporting member.

July 1 and July 4 events to be discussed at June 26 meeting.


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