RNB E-newsletter April 24, 2006

Red Nose Brigade E-Newsletter
P.O. Box 3031 – Lacey WA 98509-3031
Meeting Date: Monday, April 24, 2006
Place: St. Francis House-3415 12th Ave NE Olympia – Noodles’ Rec room. (Driving Directions sent upon request)
Time: 6:45pm for social time and 7:00pm meeting
Remember: If the shoe fits, get another one like it.

Keep those items coming that are up for sale. Proceeds go to the alley scholarship fund.
Sign up for coming activities:
Lacey Spring Fun Fair – Saturday May 20, 11:00 am. Theme again: Hilarious Hats and Homegrown Music.
June 17th – Relay for Life
Oakville July 1st.- “Our Founding Fathers” 11:00am
4th of July Parade – Lacey/Tumwater Possible Grand Marshalls
Lakefair Parade – July 22, 5:00 pm
NWFestival of Clowns Sept. 29-30-Oct 1
Anyone have information or website for Astoria Clowns?
Did anyone participate in the Mix 96 Easter Egg Dash? 15 April at Rainier Vista Park?
Rec’d word from Marci that she will not be there Monday evening. Her report is financially stable at $573.29 and scholarly 119.50.
Last month in attendance were: Stormy, Noodles, Sprout and Melon-E.
We missed the rest of you, and assigned parts to those missings.
You have your skit from last month. Keep it handy.
No one signed up to bring treats this month. Anyone?
Someone please keep notes for me, I will not be there Monday evening. And I had such great things to bring and sell. Oh,…………………… next time.
Jump in, and email the group if you have something great to share.
One perfect joke would be acceptable.
Big Foot Clown Alley members attended and participated in a show in Oak Harbor for the military families and the towns people of Oak Harbor. Leon McBride (Buttons) and Chagy, Angel Ocasio and his sidekick, Bruce Johnson and Jus Wally performed.
They are talking about doing it again next year. And maybe doing it here in Tacoma.
News Flash !
At Bruce Johnson’s church this Sunday, it is Holy Humor Sunday. Bruce will perform as Charlie the first half of the service, and then there will be a blessing of the clowns. Two services: 9 & 10:30. Lynnwood WA.


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