Reposting E-Newsletter March 06

Red Nose Brigade E-Newsletter
P.O. Box 3031 – Lacey WA 98509-3031
Meeting Date: Monday, March 27, 2006
Place: St. Francis House-3415 12th Ave NE Olympia – Noodles’ Rec room.
(Driving Directions sent upon request)
Time: 6:45pm for social time and 7:00pm meeting
Treats: Bedelia
Remember: There’s somethin’ funny goin’ on here!
Alley welcomed Jusby as a member, by unanimous vote.
Keep those items coming that are up for sale. Proceeds go to the alley
scholarship fund.
Noodles and Stormy/Buzzy reported on Purple Rayne. Sprout reported about
Marci’s absence due to her mother’s illness.
As of 2/27/06 11 paid members.
Sign up for coming activities:
Lacey Spring Fun Fair – Saturday May 20, 11:00 am. Theme again: Hilarious
Hats and Homegrown Music.
Oakville July 1st.
4th of July Parade – Lacey
Lakefair Parade – July 22, 5:00 pm
NWFestival of Clowns Sept. 29-30-Oct 1
Anyone have information or website for Astoria Clowns?
Skit for practice: CLOWN AEROBICS
Costume: exercise clothing
Exercise equipment
Up beat music
The Performance:
During the class, the group should be arranged on the stage with everyone
facing audience, perhaps in two lines, with instructor in front of group,
also facing audience. Music begins with stage empty, and students wander
in looking tired, bored, and not wanting to do aerobics. They greet each
other gloomily, and with little enthusiasm. Some bring tote bags
(carrying various props), and place them at the back of the stage.
Instructor says, "Oh my, it looks like many of you are still asleep. Are
you sure you’re ready for this?" Looks to audience "Do you think they’re
ready?" Encourages audience to respond. Instructor gets students into
line to start warm-ups.
"Okay class, let’s all line up and exercise. Ready? Let’s begin. First
neck rolls to the right." Instructor rolls head around in clockwise
circle, counting for the class. "Now to the left." Instructor reverses
direction of the head rolls and continues counting. While the Instructor
is doing head rolls, the class is imitating, but staggering around as if
Note: It is very important that Instructor never looks back at the
students during this skit. The instructor should just assume that
everyone is following and not be aware of the goofiness that is occurring
behind the instructor.
"Now circles with the arms." Put arms out to sides, shoulder height, and
begin to make large circles in a clockwise direction. Instructor counts.
"Reverse the direction." The class, which is behind the Instructor, is
doing different kind of circles. Class members are turning around in
circles, not just rotating their arms. They have their hands up, with
index fingers making little circles, while their whole bodies are turning
circles. When Instructor says "reverse" they turn in opposite directions.
"Okay everyone, now we’ll do toe touches," Instructor counts as he/she
touches his/her toes, or tries to. Class, instead, touches each others
toes, without bending down to touch them.
"Now, we’ll move on to windmills." Instructor begins counting. (Windmills
are done by extending the arms out to sides, and turning the entire upper
portion of the body at waist, from one side to the other.) After several
counts of windmills: "Let’s really swing it out." Instructor adds a bit
of bounce in the knees while doing windmills. While the Instructor is
demonstrating this routine, the students are doing their own thing. They
are really swinging, they are square dancing, skipping together and
swinging around on each other’s arms.
"We ‘re ready for some stretching exercises. Everyone with arms over your
heads." Instructor puts arms over head, clasping hands, and bends to the
right side as far as possible. Instructor straightens up, and bends to
the left side counting as he/she does the exercise.
"Really stretch it out." While the instructor is stretching it out,
students are stretching in another manner, by pulling each others arms,
perhaps stretching the sleeves of shirts, or pants.
"Everybody run in place." Class actually does this, at least at the
start. While they are jogging, one of the students stops, goes back to
her tote bag and gets some chips or popcorn to eat. This should be the
one student most in need of the exercise. Still jogging, the entire
class, except the one eating, huddles together. Entire huddle moves to
opposite side of stage from the eater, then one of the noneaters taps the
Instructor and points to the eater. This is the first time that the
Instructor has looked back at the class.
Instructor jogs over to the snacker to take appropriate action. "What is
going on? What are you doing?" Offender shrugs and indicates she was
tired. Offers some snacks to Instructor. Instructor grabs the entire bag.
"Give me those!" Instructor throws the bag on the floor, in disgust.
Snacker had a big handful before the bag was taken away from her. When
Instructor turns around, snacker puts more food into her mouth.
Instructor grabs last bit of food and throws it to the floor.
"Now, everyone get back in line and let’s continue with the exercise."
Instructor returns to his/her place in front of the students, and gives
the class time to get back into lines and into the exercise. "Now it’s
time to begin the cool down exercises. Breathe in deep." Instructor
raises arms over his/her head as he/she breathes in. "And, exhale and
down." Brings arms back down to sides. Class imitates this portion
exactly with instructor.
Raises arms again, "And one toe touch before we quit." Instructor bends
forward to touch toes, but can’t get back up. Has thrown back out and
can’t straighten out. Meanwhile, class is beginning to leave. They gather
up their belongings and some leave.
"Wait, Don’t leave. I can’t straighten up. I’ve thrown my back out."
Students continue to socialize with each other, and don’t even hear the
instructor. Finally a couple of large, strong, members see the Instructor
and come to his/her aid. They look at the situation, and devise a plan.
They pick the Instructor up, being sure he/she holds her position and
does not straighten up. They turn him/her, so that his/her shoes now
facing the audience. On the bottom of the shoes are the words. THE END.
They carry him/her off the stage as the music ends.
This is a skit from "The World’s Funniest Clown Skits " by Barry DeChant.
Acknowledging this skit was performed 1986 Texas Clown Association.
Written by Mauri Norris, Charles McBride, Mary Lostak, Bill McDaniel,
Bill Strickland, Kathy Davis and Kathy Pierce.
Officers for the coming year: Events – Sprout
Membership: Stormy
Sunshine: Merrigold
Treasurer: Marci Sunshine
Scribe/Newsletter: Melon-e
Education: Rainshine
Convener: Sprout with backup, Rainshine
Dues are now due. $20.00 for full membership. Past March dues are
considered late.
Supporting membership $10.00. For those wishing to support our clown
Supporting member may be a clown or not; could be the local coffee shop
who likes the idea of a clown group being in existence. Could be a
retired clown, wanting to stay in touch.


One response to “Reposting E-Newsletter March 06

  1. Please tell me more about this organization. Do you offer classes? Can anyone join? I am very interested in knowing more about Clown Alley as I sometimes end up clowning – but would like to do it better. Any information you can supply would be appreciated. Thanks, Florence

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