the very very recent past (one minute ago)

Red Nose Brigade E-Reminder
P.O. Box 3031 – Lacey WA 98509-3031
Meeting Date: Monday, February 27, 2006
6:45pm for sharing and checking out the “for sale” table.
7:00pm is short business and then our main feature.
“Snowmen come from Heaven, unassembled”
Up in the mountains is a suitable place in my way of thinking!
Keep those items coming that are up for sale. Proceeds go to the alley scholarship fund.
Treats: Spikey Lou
Did you check out the website that Justin built?
Dues are due. Just the friendliest reminder.
Comedifest is just over in Portland.
Several of the Big Foots will be going to Whidbey Island, for a day honoring the families of the military and the city of OakHarbor. We will be doing meet and greet, an opening skit, and then Leon McBride and Angel Ocasio will perform. Two performances, Saturday April 8.
There is a new Clown alley north towards Seattle. Carol and Charlie belong, but did not begin the new alley.
More info forthcoming.
See you Monday evening.

Pencil Pusher: Melon-E


One response to “the very very recent past (one minute ago)

  1. You have more uesful info than the British had colonies pre-WWII.

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