Newsletter 2-27-06

Red Nose Brigade E-Newsletter

P.O. Box 3031 – Lacey WA 98509-3031

Meeting Date: Monday, February 27, 2006

Place: St. Francis House-3415 12th Ave NE Olympia – Noodles’ Rec room. (Driving Directions sent upon request)

Time: 6:45pm for social time and 7:00pm meeting

Treats: Spikey Lou

Remember: There’s somethin’ funny goin’ on here!

The alley voted to send Spikey Lou and Justin to clown class at Lakewood Costume.

Spikey Lou finished her two sessions and the month of March, Justin will attend the classes.

Dues are now due. $20.00 for full membership.

Supporting membership $10.00. For those wishing to support our clown alley.

Supporting member may be a clown or not; could be the local coffee shop who likes the idea of a clown group being in existence. Could be a retired clown, wanting to stay in touch.

Keep those items coming that are up for sale. Proceeds go to the alley scholarship fund.

Reply email to Pennie at 253-241-1176 (or call Noodles 360-459-7989) if you are unable to attend. We count on you and look forward to your presence.

Pencil Pusher (Scribe): Melon-E

Comedifest takes place this week-end in Portland. If anyone attends, please plan to share some at the meeting on Monday, tired as you may be from an active weekend.

Officers for the coming year: Events – office not filled. Unless I missed it.

Membership: Stormy

Sunshine: We trust Merrigold will continue in that capacity.

We didn’t discuss Treasurer: I believe we just assumed Marci would continue there.

Scribe: Melon-e

Education: Rainshine

Convener: Sprout with someone as backup, who was that someone.

Your scribe needs to take better notes. I welcome all the help I can get.

In response to Marci Sunshine’s statement about our group should practice skits, Melon-E

purchased a skit booklet, and Marci may already have some skits in mind.

It was a great idea for us to do this, and we may begin Monday evening.

Kites rise higher against the wind, not with it.

With Grinz and Giggles,

and miles of Smiles.



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